Yukon, space botanist

Dept. , Caribara Production

> TV Series

In development

52×7′. 4-6 years old. Sci-Fi, Comedy, Edutainment.


Production : Dept. , Caribara Production

“Yukon space botanist”..is a Sci-fi comedy about two best friends and unlikely adventure-partners. Stretch is a wise-cracking, shape-shifting, rock’n rolling earthworm from outer space, and Yukon is a scientist with a big, curious heart and an obsession for plants. Together they run the space herbarium ‘Svalbard’, where a huge number of seeds are collected and bred into the strangest, funniest plants you have ever seen. Every episode is a quest to find a new seed for the collection, and gain more knowledge of the mysterious world of flower-power! 


Directed by Mar­tin Engh